Book Review: Disturb by J.A. Konrath

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Book Review: Disturb by J.A. KonrathDisturb by J.A. Konrath
on April 11th 2009
Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Horror
Pages: 372
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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It's the pharmaceutical breakthrough of the millennium. DruTech Industries proudly presents N-SOM, a pill that completely replaces eight hours of sleep. Feel totally refreshed, both physically and mentally, in just fifteen minutes a night.

The profit potential is boundless. Mankind's productivity will go through the roof. One third of a person's life could be recovered, for only ten dollars a dose.

The FDA sends CDER agent Dr. Bill May to green light N-SOM for American use. The pressure, both political and monetary, is tremendous. But Bill soon harbors fears that N-SOM may not be as safe as early reports indicate...

After meeting brilliant inventors Dr. Nikos Stefanopolous and his beautiful daughter Theena, Bill stumbles into an insidious cover-up that hinges on Emmanuel Tibbets, a human guinea pig who hasn't had a wink of sleep in over fifty days.

Bill's investigation soon unearths a snarled tangle of extortion, conspiracy, taboo sex, hidden secrets, and murderous betrayal.

When N-SOM's deadly side-effects are revealed, along with the shocking truth of how the drug is produced, Bill and Theena find themselves on the run from hired assassins, three letter government agencies, and a breed of psychopath unlike any ever known.

Billions of dollars, and billions of lives, are at stake. Can Bill and Theena survive long enough to expose the truth? Or will the world succumb to an evil that may bring about the extinction of mankind?

The last J.A. Konrath book I read during my reading frenzy during Christmas was Disturb. This is the eighth book in the Konrath/Kilborn Collective, and wasn’t one of my favorite. Not only did I figure out the deal with the killer early on, but the main characters weren’t particularly sympathetic, and the plot began to veer toward the ridiculous as it neared its conclusion. Though a pretty fast read, this book didn’t particularly thrill me.

The story centers around DruTech Industries, a company mentioned in previous novels. In fact, Frank Belgium (Origin, Haunted House) worked for them before he ended up on the Samhain project. The pharmaceutical division has created a pill that can replace sleep, and leave the user completely refreshed. Not only that, but instead of sleeping, the user can be more productive, more fit, and virtually perfect. However, when Dr. Bill May from the FDA arrives at the company to investigate the drug for approval, he discovers that it may not be as safe as the company wants him to believe.

This plot held a lot of promise, but then Bill partnered up with the inventor’s daughter, Theena causing the story to go downhill for me. Theena was very unlikable as a character, and I didn’t like her role in the company. Especially in light of her pairing with Dr. May. Instead of being a straight mystery, the story began to get muddled down with unnecessary romantic issues. I wouldn’t mind if Theena was just a femme fatale, but she came across very wishy-washy. Instead of focusing on the murderer, I kept looking to see if she was going to stab Dr. May in the back.

Not only did I not like Theena and many of the other characters, but I figured out the killer’s identity from the beginning. Usually I don’t mind this if I still find entertainment in watching the characters unravel the mystery, but coupled with unlikable characters made me somewhat lose interest in who survived to the end of the novel. Instead of a tight, riveting thriller, Disturb ended up being a convoluted mess. I recommend this novel for someone looking for a quick read, otherwise, give it a pass.

About J.A. Konrath

JA Konrath writes the occasionally amusing and often frightening Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thrillers, available in hardcover and paperback from Hyperion and as a spoken word from Brilliance Audio. The books are a mixture of the humor of Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, but with the scares of James Patterson, Thomas Harris, Patricia Cornwell. Basically, JA rips off everybody.

He writes the blog A NEWBIES GUIDE TO PUBLISHING. Joe edited the hitman anthology THESE GUNS FOR HIRE. He writes horror novels under the name Jack Kilborn. With Ann Voss Peterson he writes the Codename: Chandler series. Also with Ann he writes laugh-out-loud erotica under the name Melinda DuChamp.


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