“I wouldn’t have done it for you.” – ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 3×05 Recap

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Previously on ‘The Vampire Diaries’… Klaus returned Stefan to Mystic Falls to discover why he was hiding. Jeremy was still seeing dead people, and confessed all to the newly returned Bonnie. Katherine was looking for a partner in crime. Damon needed to “take a beat”. 

“The Reckoning,” is a lesson on why you don’t piss off an Original, but embodies the lyrics of next week’s title, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” IMHO. Though I’m sure I’ll understand where next week’s episode got it’s title (next week), something about “The Reckoning” made me bust out some Nirvana. So in honor of the grunge rockers, I will tailor my recap to their lyrics. So put on your baggy clothes, turn the stereo on blast, tune your air guitars, and let’s rock on!

Load up on guns, bring your friends

It’s fun to lose and to pretend

The ever-optimistic Caroline Forbes rounded up all the Scooby Gang to participate in “Prank Night.” Their senior year is about to begin, and she feels it should be one to remember. Little did she know, it would be. Since Matt has kept his distance from his supernatural friends, he was spending the night working out. I guess he’s still on the football team. Matt decides to partake after Elena, the girl who basically lost her entire family in under a year, and whose boyfriend has reverted to his serial killing ways convinces him to join the fun. While the crew is pretending to be “normal,” their party is crashed royally.

 She’s overboard and self-assured

Oh no, I know a dirty word

Courtesy of Promenoms-Nous

Meanwhile, Katherine and Damon’s road trip hits a few snags. First, Katherine tries to get two things every vamp needs most: sex and candy. Damon tries to give up the sex, but after some french kissing realizes that he is so over Katherine. As for the food… maybe next week. Tired of driving around in circles, Damon pulls over at a rest stop, and forces Kat to spill the beans about what’s going on. She lets him know that she has stolen two things of the utmost importance: Elena’s Rebekah’s necklace, and Jeremy. While waiting for an unconscious Jeremy to awaken, Katherine tells Damon that Pearl knew how to kill an Original, and the only other person she told was Anna. Knowing Katherine was a back-stabbing bitch, Pearl refused to tell her how. I knew I liked Peal (RIP). Anywho, Since both vamps are now dead, well, you get the rest.

A revived Jeremy contacts Anna, who refuses to help the devious vamps. After Katherine tells Damon, “”If you want to make an omelet, you’ve got to break a few legs,” Damon puts the hurt on Jer to force Anna’s hand. It works! Anna spills the goods. Klaus is running from Mikael who is like Blade, basically. The dude was put into retirement by some witches in the 90’s, and can be found in the Pickett crypt. Since Katherine stole both Jeremy and Damon’s phones, they never got Bonnie’s 9-1-1 texts. Damon sees that Klaus has struck, and makes a dash to save the fair Elena, leaving Jeremy with Katherine to “pull the dagger out” of Mikael. Kat notes that the Damon she knew would never have risked his life to save anyone, to which Damon replies, ” I wouldn’t have done it for you.” OUCH! You could see the hurt all over Katherine’s face. She has finally lost the one man who really, and truly loved her unconditionally. If she wasn’t such a heartless bitch, it would kind of be sad.

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous

Here we are now, entertain us

I feel stupid and contagious

Here we are now, entertain us

“Prank Night” takes a turn for the worse when Klaus, and Rebekah crash the fun. As Elena was heading to Alaric’s classroom to super glue his desk shut, she was nabbed by Klaus who (very quickly) dragged her into the gym. Telling the other kids they were busted, and need to scram, he laid into Elena about how she messed up his breeding program. While he waited for Bonnie to wander in (who brought Matt), and Rebekah to find Tyler, Klaus entertained himself by compelling chad to beat Dana to death if she dropped her foot. Good times! Lucky for Dana (kind of), he called over the beat down once Bon Bon arrived.

Klaus made sure everyone knew the parts they were playing. Elena was the hostage, Bonnie needed to break the Original Witch’s Anti-Hybrid spell, and Tyler was his hybrid experiment. To put a little fire under Bonnie, Klaus force-fed Ty his blood, and snapped his neck, while making sure Bon knew that he’d die if she couldn’t figure out how to save him.

Rebekah dragged Ty off to babysit him and Caroline after making snide comments about the Original Petrova doppelgänger being way prettier than Elena. Is that even possible considering the definition of doppelgänger? Since Bonnie lost the power to commune with the dead witches, she tried to locate Jeremy since he can communicate with them. #FAIL Matt decides to help by committing suicide so he can speak to Vicki. Don’t know why she would know anything, but let’s go with it. After Bonnie saves him, he tells her that Elena needs to die so Klaus can create his brood. That is so not Vicki! Sure she hated Elena, but I’ll bet you that is something evil wearing her face.

 I’m worse at what I do best

And for this gift I feel blessed

Our little group (tribe) has always been

And always will until the end

Klaus was at his diabolical best in this episode! First he terrorizes the Scoobies, then he destroys the Stefan we know and love. After Stefan heals from his impalement (more on that later), he tries to save Elena by pledging his fealty to Klaus. Klaus tests Stefan’s loyalty by telling him to kill Chad and Dana. Why the Boy Wonder thinks it over, Klaus also decides to test Stefan’s claim that he no longer cares for Elena by giving her the Bitch Slap Heard Round the World. This brings out Stefan’s protective instincts, and destroys his charade. Still, Stefan doesn’t give up. He kills the two we’ve come to know and love (RIP Chad and Dana), but this still isn’t enough. Not only has Stef made the mistake of pissing one Original, but he’s PO’d two.

Rebekah is just as demented as her big brother. When Stefan mistakenly shows how much he loves Elena, a jealous Rebekah runs him through with a tire iron. After homegirl attacks Caroline, she discovers Elena has her necklace when snooping though Caroline’s photos. This makes her freakin’ rabid! Storming in the gym, Rebekah goes postal on Elena, and bites her when she doesn’t like the answers Elena gives. Ever the peacemaker (LOL), Klaus learns that Elena doesn’t have the necklace, because Katerina stole it. Now, Klaus is even more angry.

Klaus decides to make the terror even more fun by putting a clock on Bonnie (20 minutes), and compelling Stefan to kill Elena when the clock runs down. Luckily, Bonnie gives Klaus Vicki’s message, and Klaus is smart enough not to believe it. Instead, he does the opposite. Keep Elena alive, and use her blood to make hybrids. Testing out on Tyler, Klaus discovers he was right. Seems the witch had booby-trapped the curse. Klaus had to kill the doppelgänger to become a hybrid, but he needed her blood to make more. If she was dead, he wouldn’t have been able to make the hybrids. Good thing Bonnie did that spell to save Elena’s life! *sarcasm* Happy he can now breed his army, Klaus shows his emotions to his sister, by revealing his wish to create hybrids is so he won’t be alone. The irony is not lost on her. He came from a big family, whom he “killed”, just to create another. The hurt is all over her face, and Klaus tries to pretend he can’t see. This is tragic on so many levels. While the Original siblings terrorized high schoolers, and shared heartbreaking secrets, the Salvatore siblings also faced some harsh truths.

And I forget just why I taste

Oh, yeah I guess it makes me smile

I found it hard, it’s hard to find

Here we are now, entertain us

Courtesy of Promenoms-Nous

Stefan showed that his love for Elena was stronger than his blood-lust, only to have his humanity compelled from him. When the clock ran down, Stefan struggled against feeding from Elena, while she fled to safety Klaus’ arms. Willing to stake himself to protect the woman he loves, Stefan was ultimately stripped of the one thing that made him him. Angry, ad hurt that Stefan wouldn’t voluntarily join him, Klaus resorted to compelling Stefan to do his bidding. By stripping Stefan of his humanity, he forced him to do the one thing he never wanted to do – feed on Elena. While Stefan died, giving birth to the true “Ripper”, his brother Damon decided to let his humanity shine.

Damon rushed back to Mystic Falls, only to reach Elena after she was hospitalized. Seeing her looking tiny in her bed, after a great blood loss (Stefan & Klaus’s bloodletting), Damon swooped her up as he’s done so many times before, and carried her home. Once they got to Casa de Salvatore, Damon gave her some bourbon to help her forget. Not sure liquor is the best medicine for someone who’s lost lots of blood, but the moment was so tender, and sweet, I went with it. Elena confessed that she saw the Stefan she loved “die,” while Damon promised to never leave her again. So much was said between them, without words, that you could see that Elena just might be switching Salvatores after all. Too bad a less human form of Stefan returned home.

I don’t know which part was worse. Stefan telling the woman who loves him (whom he also violated) that he’s sticking around to babysit her for Klaus, or that he basically gave his brother permission to sleep with her. That had to hurt worse than Klaus’ bitch-slap. Not only was Elena saddened by this, but Damon was too. You could almost see the man he was in 1864 who feared his baby brother was lost to the dark side forever, before leaving him in Lexi’s hands.


  • In a town full of monsters, why was Matt working out by himself at school?
  • Loved the scenes between Matt and Bonnie.
  • Kat: “What are you doing?” Damon: “Thought I’d give it a shot. You just don’t do it for me anymore.”
  • Rebekah: “Why is that doppelgänger bitch wearing my necklace?”
  • I can’t believe Matt was willing to kill himself just to help his friends. He has to be the most selfless person on this show.
  • What’s up with the inconsistent powers? Stefan can hear Elena’s heart beating, but Klaus couldn’t when she was hiding in the closet in Chicago?
  • Ty’s new attitude about his new status as a hybrid is quite alarming to me. I just know something is going to happen to him. *cries*
  • I would have loved the Matt / Vicki scenes if I actually believed that was really her. Now that she can’t use Jeremy to gain entry into our world, she’ll use Matt. This is going to get bad!
  • When Klaus skipped town, he left Ty and Elena behind. Did he also run out on Rebekah?
  • Mikael hasn’t eaten in a while. Will Jeremy be his next snack?

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