The Walking Dead – “Cherokee Rose” Review

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The Walking Dead 204 Cherokee Rose - Promo Picture 7

Warning! Spoilers! Also, Zombies!

The Walking Dead returns this week right where we left off, per usual. The gang is still looking for Sofia while Rick and Lori stand vigil with Carl. Shane is still living a lie, and Andrea continues to cozy up to him.

Hit the road Jack Rick!

Hershel Greene is beginning to grow weary of our wayward crew. Not only are they toting guns, but he seems to be harboring a barely palpable uneasiness toward Shane (aren’t we all?).

See, the Greenes have lived quite peacefully during the Zombie Apocalypse (or zompocalypse if you’re down with name hugs). A steep departure from what our friends have fought tooth and nail to survive.

It’s clear that Hershel is frightened by the callousness that the gang exhibits. A man who still appreciates a sunset standing next to a man three or four steps closer to our primitive roots. It’s with that weariness and against, perhaps, his faith-based ethics that Hershel tells Rick that his people need to leave once Carl has recovered. A moment of intensity follows the desperate leader made painfully aware that his makeshift nirvana has an expiration date. As the aching father stands firm while the camera crawls slowly away from the two men, the sun painted field and the forbidden barn. Click here to read more…


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