ICYMI: “(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons” – Being Human Episode (2×04) Recap

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Just when I thought Aidan, and Sally couldn’t fall any further into darkness, I was proven wrong. Luckily, Josh maintained the path of the righteous, but has it made him blind to everything else around him?

“If you hate what you are, you’ll do anything to deny it. You’ll feed the lie until it becomes real. But who you are doesn’t go away. It waits for you.”

Josh met some new wolves this week. A brother and sister who are purebred. Born, not made. I can’t remember their names, but lets call the brother Douche, and the sister Friendly, ok? So Sister Friendly asks Josh to help her break Brother Douche out of the psyche ward before the authorities figure out what he truly is. Josh does, but mostly because he was shocked to be approached by wolves who seemed to know what he was.

The threesome end up hanging out, and Josh learns that snorting wolfsbane helps the sibs feel normal. Like him they only change once a month, but unlike him they feel the wolf more powerfully. Josh reveals he wants to find a cure, and they are all ears. After some hemming and hawing, Josh finally lets them see his lab. Turns out they don’t want to stop being wolves,but rather stop being human. Doh!

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