ICYMI: “What Is Dead May Never Die” – Game of Thrones Episode (2×03) Recap

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The last thing we saw on last week’s Game of Thrones was Jon Snow getting knocked out after witnessing what happens to Craster’s sons. Not sure what horrifies Jon more. Learning that Craster’s sons are being offered up to the White Walkers, or that Commander Mormont knew about it. Now we’re back, and things are starting to get deadly. The pawns are moved into position, and each side is trying to capture the queen. Let the games begin!

“My son is fighting a war, not just playing at one.”

Catelyn Stark finally arrives at Renly’s camp. She tries to get him to recognize Robb’s claim, but Renly isn’t having it. Luck seems to be in his favor when he appoints the Lady Brienne as the first ever woman to be on is Rainbow Guard. Loras is not pleased to say the least, and seems even less so when it comes to the fact his boyfriend just married his sister. Luckily, Margery doesn’t mind sharing.

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0 responses to “ICYMI: “What Is Dead May Never Die” – Game of Thrones Episode (2×03) Recap

  1. My favorite scene in this eposdie was Syrio’s fighting scene. I think they wanted to show how talented he truly was with any type of sword which is why he didn’t pick up a real sword. Also they wanted to make it dramatic, i like how they pulled some heart strings when they cut the scene off without telling his fate yet leaving a possibility of hope. Even though he hardly had any scenes Syrio was one of my fav characters and so far in my opinion the strongest and one of my fav scenes was with him and Arya at their first dancing lesson. And i was very disappointed with the scene when the guy comes back to life that should have been way more exciting. They should have made the guy look way more scarier than he was and where were those deadly ice cold sharp blue eyes!!?? Also the man should have been more fierce in fighting Jon just the entire scene it was just not as i had imagined it should be the book had it better, this was one of the scenes i was looking forward to seeing .The rest of the scenes in the show were great besides the Hordor part that was very much not needed at all. I did like how it ended because it had this lingering feeling to it and it made you feel for Sansa for me anyway even more. Next week eposdie though and the finale will, should, and i hope be the most exciting eposdies of the entire season. At least for me in the book it was so i hope they don’t disappoint.

    • So far I’ve been happy with some of the changes they made from book to scree, but I agree with you. I also thought the white walker in that scene with Jon would have been a little scarier. Have you finished all of the books (out) yet?

  2. The writer has taken many horitsic elemnets and has put it on the Dothraki.They remind many nomadic people.The Great Khal reminds me of the great Han.Moreover it shows that the ruler of the dothraki has not ained this position becuse of or not at least only because of his bloodline.He is the strongest among the Dothraki.This was true for the Huns and Attila for example.

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