ICYMI: “Kingdom of the Blind” – Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×03) Recap

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After discovering that Jenna was faking her blindness, the girls get on the case to find out why. They already figure that Mona wasn’t working alone, and that there may be a new “A” in Rosewood who has taken her place, but who could it be? Every time they think they’ve ruled someone out, another suspect appears.

“It’s better for a lot of people that Mona stays crazy, right?”


Hannah helps Arya spy on Mona, while also trying to keep Caleb in the dark. Caleb is starting to put the pieces together, and even though he’s kept pretty quiet about what he’s thinking, Hannah can sense his unease. What she doesn’t know is that Caleb has begun to take matters into his own hands by paying Mona a visit. It’s probably good that Hannah doesn’t know about Caleb’s psych consult, she’s got a pissed off Lucas to keep an eye out for. For some reason Lucas is upset that Mona is locked away in the loony bin, and blames the girls. (More…)


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