Scandal Rewind: “Hell Hath No Fury” (1×03)

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While Pope & Assoc. continue to investigate the Amanda Tanner / President Grant case, an old client of Olivia’s asks for their help.

Sandra Harding’s (JoBeth Williams) son Travis (Michael Cassidy) is in the middle of a rape trial, and Helen needs Olivia’s assistance keeping Travis on the straight and narrow. What Helen and Olivia understand, that Travis doesn’t, is that this trial is all about perception. Both women believe that Travis is innocent, but his party boy ways can end up being his undoing. The further into the case Olivia gets, the more she realizes that it’s not Travis’ perception that’s off, but hers.

“In a case like this, perception is more important than evidence. The truth doesn’t matter. He looks guilty, he is guilty.”

Meanwhile, Amanda Tanner wants to have a sit down with the President in exchange for disappearing into the ether. The message gets to Fitz, but the only person he’s interested in arranging a sit down with is Liv. The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of a formal dinner at the White House. Fitz has been battling insomnia ever since Olivia discovered his indiscretion with Amanda. Could seeing Olivia be just what the doctor ordered?

Just when you think that the sex scandal storyline has stagnated, it heats up again when two important details pop up. The first, is when Olivia walks in on Amanda arguing with some mystery person over the phone. Olivia tries to get to the bottom of this mystery, but Amanda is tight-lipped on the subject. For the first time it seems that Amanda may have an accomplice, or that someone else knows about her affair with the President. But who could it be?

The second new development is an audio tape that’s mailed to The White House. Cyrus is fuming at the thought that Olivia and Amanda are blackmailing Fitz. Cyrus considers Olivia to be his “work wife”, and the two of them helped put Fitz in office. The thought that she would now be the one helping to ruin President Grant is the biggest betrayal. Despite the state of their relationship, Fitz can’t believe Olivia would do this to him, and believes it’s all a misunderstanding. Now, their meeting at the correspondence dinner is more important than ever.

“Hell Hath No Fury” was a pivotal episode for several reasons. For one, it was the first time where you began to have doubts about Amanda’s story. Fitz plays his emotions pretty close to the vest, so he often comes across as guilty. When Cyrus hands Fitz the audio tape, you can definitely see shock on Fitz’s face. What we don’t know is if it’s really him on the tape, or if he’s just shocked at the idea that Olivia would blackmail him. Fitz isn’t the only one who gets a shock this week.

After getting on Amanda about the mystery caller she argued with earlier,Olivia receives the biggest shock of her life when Amanda confesses she’s pregnant. One of the great things about this episode is how strong the women are, and they are the ones who offer up the biggest revelations in this episode. Not to be outdone, Millie Grant offers up a revelation of her own.

“I just want you to have what you need. You know that.”

The First Lady is obviously in the know about her husband’s indiscretions, but this episode is the first time you really began to suspect just how much she’s involved. When Fitz wakes up to his wife staring at him, he seems a little scared. Even though they were supposed to have rekindled their romance, it seems obvious that he’s not used to her being in his room. The tip-off to how much Millie knows is how pointedly she remarks on his insomnia, and that she’s willing to do “anything” to help him. Later, Millie invites Olivia to the dinner, and makes sure she and Fitz get to spend some quality time together on the dance floor. The point is then driven home when Fitz confronts Millie about her actions. Though she doesn’t say flat out that she knows about his relationship with Olivia, she makes sure all doubts are erased. For Fitz, and the audience. The First Lady is definitely a player, but which side is she on?

If you have already watched every episode, then you know that Quinn is a mystery unto herself. More foreshadowing exists in this episode, but it’s so subtle that I honestly don’t believe you can catch it unless you have already seen the entire season. As for what the clues are, I’ll let you discover them for yourself. Besides, isn’t that part of the fun?


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