2012 San Diego Comic-Con

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Well, it’s that time of year again kids. In case you live under a rock, or don’t pay attention to the Con world, 2012 San Diego Comic Con begins this week in… you’ve guessed it, San Diego, CA. Fan conventions, or cons, are big business. There are cons tailored to particular shows, and cons for a multitude of shows. Out of all the cons held, none are bigger, and crazier than San Diego Comic Con.

2011 San Diego Comic Con

What once began as a comic convention (hence the name) is now a major event where the studios come to screen and tease their latest film projects, and the new television season. Fans can attend panels, and get a chance to hear their favorite stars answer questions, get autographs, see memorabilia, hang with other fans, and attend parties. Some fans dress in costumes, while others stare in appreciation. In other words, it’s what I call Mardi Gras for Geeks.

This week I plan to attend some panels, though none of them are definite, since I will be working press for TV After Dark Online (@TVAfterDark) and Nerd Bastards (@NerdBastards).  I may not get in to some due to the popularity of the event, but it’s ok, because at Comic Con there is always something to do.


From 10:30-11:30 I plan on attending Battlestar: So Say We All. This is an event discussing the 35 year history  of the Battlestar Galactica universe, politics, and philosophy. I recently got into BSG, and am now a major fan. Having recently finished watching the entire series, I am curious about this topic. After that I have a little downtime before some press duties, but then I hope to get into the Teen Wolf panel and Q&Awhich runs from 2:30 – 3:30 PM. Then I’ll get a bit of a break, and a chance to recharge my batteries (figuratively and literally). In the evening I hope to hit both the Archer and Nikita panels, but since they’re in two different places, and run back to back, sacrifices will have to be made.


I’ll start the morning doing press for one of the CW’s newest shows, Cult. The series is about an investigative journalist named Jeff (Matthew Davis, The Vampire Diaries) whose brother Ned disappears after asking for his help. Ned believed a popular television show, “Cult”, is tied to a string of murders. While searching for Ned, Jeff looks into the hit show and the fans who love it. Some of whom may have difficulty distinguishing fiction from reality. Cult also stars Robert Knepper (Heroes), Alona Tal (Supernatural), and Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield).

If I can, I would love to also make the panel so I can see the screening of the pilot, but if not, then I’ll head over to Ballroom 20 early so I can get into the Firefly- 10th Anniversary. In truth, Firefly trumps Cult since I’ll already get to talk to the cast, and I have to cover Firefly for a press assignment. Either way I’ll be in a good place.

If I can’t get into Firefly, and do the Cult panel I’ll be able to see ABC’s 666 Park Avenue panel, but if I do get into Firefly, I’ll have a seat for the CW’s other new show Arrow. Arrow brings the legend of the Green Arrow back to the small screen. If you think this is the Green Arrow as we’ve seen him in Smallville, you are wrong. Arrow stars Stephen Amell (HungPrivate Practice) as Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow. The show also stars Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl).

Some things I have on my list, but know are a pipe dream are the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead panels. Basically, I’d have to sleep outside overnight to get into them. Not that I’m above that, mind you. I just can’t with my press duties earlier in the day. The rest of Friday is dependent upon whether or not I get into the Firefly panel that morning since most of the panels I would like to see are in Ballroom 20.


This is another day where I’ll be hanging out in one of two rooms. I hope to snag a seat in Ballroom 20 for Once Upon a Time first thing at 11 AM since The Vampire Diaries and True Blood are also there. Another part of me hopes to snag a seat in 6CBCF for Kevin Williamson’s new show The Following, and NBC’s Revolution. I’ll finish off the day with press activities, so hanging in these rooms all day may not be an option. The flip side is that everything I want to attend on Sunday is in the same room, so…


I basically want to hang in Hall H all day since the Fringe, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sons of Anarchy panels will pretty much run back to back all day. Based on last year, this is a day I’ll need to stay out front all night for, which will be easy if I hang out Saturday night. Fringe, Supernatural,  and Doctor Who fans are no joke, and will have the lines on lockdown. In between the DW and SOA panels I’ll have press duties, But I have faith I’ll be able to see my SAMCRO crew.

There’s the schedule folks! There are panels, and events I haven’t mentioned. There will be changes (and blood) I’m sure. Never worry! I’ll be sure to do a recap post of the convention next week. I’ll let you know what ended up happening, who I met, and what craziness ensued. Be sure to follow my escapades on Twitter @Angelized_1st.


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    • where is Elijah Wood? I knew that in the trailer there was also an image of Kevin, but i haven’t see nnhtiog about him. can anyone tell me where i can find him?ps:sorry for my bad english, i’m italian.

    • Red

      I’ll admit I was being kind of an ass with this one. Even after making this comic I reiezald that it was only one woman who laughed at me, and I was making some unfair generalizations. I don’t know why I didn’t just say so in the above comments. Maybe I was afraid of muddying the narrative. Maybe it was one in the morning, and I was too tired to change anything. Maybe I just wanted to admit that sometimes I think this way, even though it’s not right.Anyway, someone called me out on this, and they were right, so I’m apologizing.

  1. Hmmm I wasn’t offended at all. But then I’m an old lady, so it might be a getoianrenal thing. Comics have evolved a bit and there are more women comic creators than ever before. As a result, I think this has helped young girls and women become more interested in comics. What brought me to the comics table were graphic novels, zines, and Lynda Barry all things that were unavailable to me growing up in the early ’60s. Even though I watched the Batman TV series with Adam West, I NEVER read Batman comic books, and I doubt my mother would have let me buy them because of the way most popular comics objectified women. (The Archie comics were the WORST in that regard, IMHO, yet most parents thought that comic was silly and harmless.) While it’s never fair to generalize people, the fact remains that ONE women laughed at your interest in comics and perhaps unfairly characterized you because of said interest. That is your reality. And frankly, when I was a teenager I thought boys who read comics were SO NOT COOL unless of course, they were checking out the R. Crumb comic on the cover of the Cheap Thrills album, because, well that was different. Unfortunately, we teach our children what we know and all these stereotypes get handed down to the next generation. Sorry about that Anyway, perhaps a little re-wording of this comic might have been all you needed to avoid raising someone’s feminist sensibilities. Communication with people is tricky and filled with landmines. And women are full of all sorts of surprises. It’s best not to underestimate ANYONE these days, young man. (she says with a grin )

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