ICYMI: “Compass” – Falling Skies Episode (2×03) Recap

Posted July 1, 2012 by @Angelized_1st in Entertainment, Falling Skies, Television / 0 Comments

In Sunday’s latest episode of Falling Skies, the Second Mass have formulated a new plan. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have their own ideas on how it should be carried out, leading to Jimmy’s death.

Pope still doesn’t trust Tom, and who can blame him? The guy mysteriously escapes from captivity unharmed, and later they discover an alien worm in his eyeball. Not only that, but Tom himself was also suspicious of why he wasn’t murdered along with the other human escapees. The fact that Capt. Weaver seems to trust Tom unconditionally is an obvious thorn in Pope’s side. Finally, things come to a head. Tom and Pope get into a battle of wills (and fists) which results in Pope’s Berserkers joining the Second Mass.

Pope and Tom aren’t the only ones causing problems for Weaver. It’s been obvious since season 2 returned that Tom’s son Ben also has difficulties obeying command. Ben and Jimmy are tasked with patrolling the aircraft hangar, when the boys decide to go off on a Skitter hunt. This childish desire to play Call of Duty costs Jimmy his life. (More…)


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