ICYMI: Falling Skies Episode 2×10 Recap – “A More Perfect Union”

Posted August 26, 2012 by @Angelized_1st in Entertainment, Falling Skies, Television / 0 Comments

Now that Manchester is locked up, Tom is offered the chance to lead a coup, but refuses. Ben returns with the Skitter Resistance, and the 2nd Mass bands together. In the season 2 finale of Falling Skiesthe 2nd Mass joins the fight.

Falling Skies Episode (2×09) Recap – “The Price of Greatness”

Ben arrives at Charleston with the Skitter Resistance led by Red Eye. They inform the survivors of a plan to kill the head of the Skitter Overlords which will dismantle Skitter control in their region. Unfortunately, the head army guy isn’t buying it, and orders Tom and Weaver locked up. That is until Weaver suggests the 2nd Mass take the mission. Army Dude agrees, but then orders an assault on the Skitters once tom and Weaver leave. Including the Skitter Resistance fighters. (More…)


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