ICYMI: Falling Skies Episodes (2×06 & 2×07) Recap – “You Can’t Go Home Again”

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Since last week I was down in San Diego, CA for 2012 Comic-Con, I didn’t get the opportunity to gab about last week’s episode of Falling Skies. I’m making up for it tonight with a double issue featuring “Homecoming,” and “Malon Labe.”

Falling Skies (2×08): “Death March” Promo

In episode 2×06, “Homecoming,” Karen returns to the 2nd Mass. At first everyone is skeptical about her reasons for returning to the fold, but Hall is just happy to have her back. especially since he and Margaret found her in a mass grave out in the woods. The two people the most skeptical about Karen’s “escape” are Margaret and Ben. Margaret believes Karen is a spy that will lead the Skitters to the 2nd Mass base, while Ben can hear Karen’s communication hook up to the Skitters. Sadly, because of Ben’s “medical condition,” people don’t take him very seriously. Seems like the group’s distrust of Ben may be greater than their skepticism of Karen’s intentions.

Interview with Falling Skies ‘Noah Wyle’ and ‘Will Patton’: Transitions, No Illusions, A wing and a Prayer

Karen’s return ends up taking a turn when Margaret confronts her. Karen displays fighting manuevers she’s never had before, and attacks Margaret. When Ben finds the girls, Karen manipulates him into believing Margaret was the one who attacked her. The two take off towards the Skitter compound where it’ll be “safe.” All of this was allowed to happen because of the dissention brewing within the 2nd Mass. (More…)


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