ICYMI: Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×13) – “This is a Dark Ride” Review

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When we last saw the Pretty Little Liars they were running for their lives. So consumed with unmasking “A-2,” they let another psycho, Nate get close, and Caleb almost lost his life. Nate was Maya’s stalker/killer, who pretended to be her cousin, and became obsessed with Emily. When Caleb tried to help Emily get away from Nate, Nate shot him. As for Aria, she has knowledge of the fact Ezra is a father, but along with the baby mama is hiding the truth from him. Hanna is still reeling from the fact her BFF, Mona, was “A,” and was pushing Caleb away so he would be safe. Didn’t work. Spencer is unknowingly sleeping with the enemy, as we learned that Toby is “A-2.”

Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×14) Promo – “She’s Better Now”

At the sanatorium, Mona is talking to a hooded figure. Since we don’t see the person’s face, I’m assuming it’s the 3rd member of the “A-Team.” Mona is making a mask,, talking about her love of Halloween, and hands over a handful of bullets and pills to the mystery person. The next day, the girls are talking about the party. Hanna reveals that Caleb is out of the hospital, but still recovering. The two of them have been sneaking around while her mother dates pastor Ted who is basically living with them. When Spencer returns home, she finds Garrett in her kitchen leaving flowers for Mrs. Hastings as a thank you for getting him out of jail. The two talk. Garrett offers her an apology, but all Spencer wants is answers. Suddenly, Toby arrives, and drives Garrett away. But not before the two exchange mysterious looks. Does Garrett know the truth about Toby? (More…)


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