Book Review: The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr

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The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr is a fairy tale of sorts. The series begins with the title book, Wicked Lovely, and carries through 4 more books for a total of 5 books in the series. The story begins with a mortal girl named Aislinn who has always seen faeries. This is something her mother and grandmother also have the power to do, and her grams has given her 3 rules to live by:

  1. Don’t stare at invisible faeries.
  2. Don’t speak to invisible faeries.
  3. Don’t ever attract their attention.

These rules she has always adhere to, but somehow she managed to break all of them when the King of the Summer Faeries – Keenan- has chosen her to be his queen. Now that this choice has been made, Aislinn is pulled into a world she always feared, and may lose the love of her life, Seth, in the process.

“And he smiled at her, truely smiled- wicked and lovely…”

What I loved about this series is how though there are 2 men after Aislinn’s attention, there isn’t a love triangle at play. This device has been overly used in YA novels to the point of being annoying. This series is more complex. Keenan is the “perfect” guy. He’s gorgeous, rich, and sexy. Yet he isn’t the perfect guy for Aislinn. That’s Seth. He’s a hot loner guy who’s also her best friend. Funny thing is, Keenan doesn’t even want Aislinn, either. He needs her, but his heart belongs to the one woman he can’t have, Donia. Reading to find out how this tangled web played out was thrilling, but this love quadrangle (?) wasn’t the only thing the series is about.

Melissa Marr created a fantastical world that revolves around ancient fairy lore, modern problems, and age-old concerns. Her characters were well-developed due to the way she wrote the series. No character is mentioned off-hand, never to be mentioned again. One thing that threw me off at first was that the odd number books in the series mainly featured Aislinn, Seth, Keeenan, and Donia’s story. The even-numbered books featured other characters that had minor roles in the story. This took some getting used to, because you’re kind of left hanging with the main story until the 3rd book. How Marr makes this up is by giving us information through the other characters who’ve stepped into the forefront, thus allowing her world to seem more real.

This series is the first faery literature I’ve read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I devoured the entire series over the course of a week. A definite recommend!


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0 responses to “Book Review: The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr

  1. Hey there,
    I’ve read the first three books but I never got around to the fourth one. I was wondering though, does it feature a little of Seth and Aislinn’s story as well as Devlin and Ani’s? After the cliffhanger at the end of the third book I’d really like to know how Seth’s doing at the High Court… 😉

    • No, the 4th book is pretty much only about Devlin and Ani. Seth makes appearances throughout since he has friends in all the courts, but Aislinn doesn’t. You only know about her from what the other characters know about the Summer Court. Which really isn’t much. You have to wait until book 5 for more Seth and Aislinn. It is worth it, though, because the things that happen in the fourth book kind of tie everything together once you get to book 5. In fact, once I finished reading the series I changed my entire point of view on who was the main character of the series.

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