ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×03) – “The Rager” Recap

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Stefan’s bunny diet drove Elena to bulimia. 
  • Damon and Elena shared bodily fluids.
  • New hunter arrived with a bang, and reminded us that even memorial services are deadly.
  • Matt and Elena shared bodily fluids. 
  • Stefan realized everyone is making it with his girlfriend but him. 
  • Tyler proved why he’s captain of the football team.
  • We were reminded that Damon had murdered 1/3 of the people we’ve loved and lost since season 1.
  • Jeremy sees ghost tattoos. 
  • Damon saving seats for Invisible Alaric wasn’t so crazy after all. 

Tyler looks so good lying in the hospital bed. He’s got a very healthy glow. Then Connor shows up. It appears he’s there to kill Tyler, but he really just wants some of Ty’s werewolf venom. OMG, a big ass needle in the gums! Connor leaves, and heads to his meth lab. Or maybe he’s just high for chemistry.

“Those who can’t do, teach.”

Damon woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When he catches Stefan prepping a motorcycle with plans to take Elena on a ride, Damon informs his baby bro that he’s going to hunt Connor, and then leave town. Stefan doesn’t seem to want that, and calls Damon dramatic. (More…)


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