ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries “Killer” Review – “You say it’s complicated, but it’s not.”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries…

  • Klaus and Rebekah told Stefan some family bedtime stories.
  • Elena learned to “Snatch, Feed, Erase.”
  • Bonnie got hot for teacher.
  • Damon & Elena got high,and dirty danced like it was 1999.
  • Jeremy sketched a naked Connor’s tattoo.
  • Connor and the Professor are in cahoots.
  • The Cure for Vampirism is the new Moonstone.

This week’s episode was better than last week’s, but that’s to be expected. Last week was meant to set up next next several episode, and thus was filled with exposition. Much of which didn’t make sense since we don’t have all the facts. The Cure for Vampirism seems lame now, as did the Moonstone back in S2, but then we got a fabulous twist. As always, I’m sure the writers will have something just as awesome for us this season.

One of the wonderful things about season 4 has been watching all the characters get screen time, some development, and forging alliances we haven’t really seen before. It’s one of the things that make this season seem refreshing, and much like a reboot. (More…)


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