ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×03) Review: “Walk with Me”

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On the last episode of The Walking DeadRick and Co. took over the prison, and all but wiped out the remaining prisoners. Hershel survived his amputation, but not after giving the women a scare. Carl proves he can handle himself when he goes off on his own in search of medical supplies, and kills 2 Walkers in the process. As far as we know, Andrea and Michonne are still on the move.

Talking Dead Bonus Segment of The Walking Dead Episode (3×02) – “Sick”

Andrea and Michonne see a helicopter crash in the distance. They go to investigate, and see if any survived, but the Governor and his men arrive on the scene. The two women watch from the bushes as they take out the Walkers that also come to the crash site. Just when they think they haven’t been discovered, Merle comes up from behind, and disarms them.

“Blondie, you’re looking good. Now, how’s about a hug for your good, old pal Merle?”

Andrea passes out from her flu symptoms (and shock), and wakes to find that she and Michonne have been taken by the Governor and his friends. Merle looks bananas with that dagger he has attached to the stump on his arm. When they get to town, Andrea gets an IV, and some real medical care. (More…)


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