American Horror Story Episode (2×04) – “I Am Anne Frank Pt. 1” Review

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In last week’s episode of American Horror Storya nor’easter hit the asylum. While Lana, Kit, and Grace tried to escape, Shelly got detained by Dr. Alden with horrifying consequences. Meanwhile, someone is gas lighting Sister Jude. This is one mystery that isn’t really a mystery. Sister Eunice became possessed by a demon, and is finding her entertainment where ever she can catch it.

American Horror Story Episode (2×03) – “Nor’easter” Review

A mysterious woman arrives early one morning. She won’t reveal her identity, but talks about “The War.” The new patient writes in her diary about her experiences at Briarcliff Manor. Lana offers to help the new girl, but she refuses. When Alden walks into the rec room, the new girl accuses him of being a Nazi, and reveals herself to be Anne Frank, one of his victims. Jude questions Anne Frank, and learns she was smuggled to America, married her savior, and decided to play dead. Frank thought her story would reach more people, and have a great impact if she never came forward. (More…)


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