ICYMI: American Horror Story Episode (2×08) – “Unholy Night” Review

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On this week’s episode of American Horror Story Santa comes to town. Actually he’s already there. Inside the Briarcliff solitary confinement cells is a murder who only strikes during Christmas. When Sister Eunice uses him to “clean house,” blood is shed.

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In 1962, a deranged killer, Mr. Emerson, shoots a Santa outside a local supermarket. Afterwards, he dons the costume, breaks into a home, and murders a family in cold blood.

Sister Eunice attempts to bring holiday cheer to the asylum – by taking “parts” from the patients to help decorate the tree. Dr. Alden is not happy with this decorating tip. Nor is he happy when he catches Frank apologizing to Grace’s dead body for shooting her. Then again, Arden is more than happy to throw Sister Jude out when he catches her threatening Eunice. Arden notifies Eunice that Frank is becoming a liability, so Eunice hands Mr. Emerson a Santa suit. (More…)


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  1. This is why I would not advise anyone to try to be “blood brothers” with their friends, share razors, or anything like that. People can catch diseases sharing razors and things.

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