ICYMI: “Can You Feel This?” : “The Vampire Diaries (4×08) Review – “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Stefan went psycho, but was hot doing it.
  • Jeremy went psycho, and was hot doing it.
  • Hotties in suits.
  • Klauroline
  • Evil Prof. Silas Shane
  • Jeremy wants Elena dead.
  • Hayley is conspiring with Prof. Shane.
  • Caroline and Stefan think Elena is sired to Damon. Boo!

This week on The Vampire Diaries Damon and Elena both learn of the sire bond between them, and each have different view points on the subject. It turns out Damon has previous experience on the subject, and believes he knows of a solution. Elena’s thoughts veer in a completely different direction than I had anticipated after last week’s episode.

After Stefan breaks the news to Damon, Damon heads to the school to see if he can make Elena drink from a blood bag. The bet he made with Stefan was contingent on whether or not it would work. If it worked: Elena is sired to Damon. Something Stefan was hoping for since he was under the assumption is would mean her feelings for Damon might not be real. If it didn’t work: Stefan would apologize, and bow out gracefully. It worked.

Back in the 1940’s, Damon turned a woman named Charlotte. She was a girl he had a fling with that had fallen in love with him, and begged him to turn her, which he did. Due to her vamp-enhanced feelings, and sire bond, Charlotte became obsessed with Damon to the point he ended up leaving her. But not before he actually did visit a witch to attempt to free her from her bonds. Damon even went so far as to sacrifice 12 innocent people as an ingredient in the spell which turned out to be a lie. The witch he visited used him to tap into the darkest kind of magic. Something we later learn Shane has been using Bonnie for unbeknownst to her. (More…)


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0 responses to “ICYMI: “Can You Feel This?” : “The Vampire Diaries (4×08) Review – “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”

  1. I will always be on damon’s side. he was always honest with elena, Stefan never was.Damon was willing for her to hate him as long as she was save and alive. Stefan never was willing to take the consequences going against her wishes, because in the back of his mind he was relaying on Damon to save her. Now he is whining that he regrets it. Elena said before when she tried to get Stefan to save Damon and he said Damon would not want this. She said we should not allweays do what somebody wants. one time before she almost died because Damon was to far away, this time she did because Damon was to far away and fighting for his life.

    • I believe both brothers love her, but Stefan is a mess. He needs to learn to accept himself, and learn to control his bloodlust before he can try to “help” anyone else. I was glad the writers brought up the issue of Stefan’s true feelings. Ever since season 1 I have said that Stefan is in love with Elena’s humanity. She’s who he believed Katherine was when they first met. Before he learned the ugly truth. Now that Elena is a vampire, Stefan doesn’t love her anymore. Not the new Elena. That is at the heart of why he’s so desperate to turn her back human. Deep down, though, it’s not truly about Elena. It’s about Stefan’s inability to love himself as he is.

      Damon, on the other hand, loves ELena unconditionally. For right now, Damon is the most deserving of her love. If, and when, Stefan learns to accept Elena for who she is becoming, and can love this woman as well, the two shouldn’t be together.

  2. Yes, Elena Is Sired to Damon, But… Stefan (Paul Wesley) tells Damon about his sire bind theory right away. Damon puts it to the test by telling Elena that she can drink from a blood bag now. It works, and she seems to be instantly cured of her urge to kill people. Stefan reminds Damon that a woman was sired to him once before, in 1942 in New Orleans. So they visit in an attempt to find the witch who could fix it. The bad news: the cure involves killing a dozen humans for their souls. The worse news: the witch who told Damon that in 1942 was lying. She just wanted the human souls so she could practice a form of dark magic known as Expression. The better news: Elena’s feelings for Damon have nothing to do with being sired. In fact, vampire sire bonds only happen when the vampire had feelings for her sire while she was human. Tyler confirms this to Elena, who found out about the bond from Caroline, by pointing out that he hated Klaus while he was sired to him. The worst news: the actual way to break a sire bind is for the vampire to tell the vamp who is sired to forget about him, then leave. Damon attempts to do this to Elena, but she cuts him off, saying that what’s between them feels right. I don’t understand why Damon can’t just command Elena to have free will and stop telling her what to do. It doesn’t make much sense and is an unsatisfying way for the show to hedge its bets with the Delena relationship.

    • I honestly don’t get this either. It seems like Damon should be able to tell Elena to chose for herself, but I guess the writers feel that would be too easy. This sire bond story is crap! The story of a young woman torn between two brothers has enough tension. You don’t need to throw in sire bonds.

  3. i think stefan is great: he’s sweet, HOT, funny, and his love for elena is so sexy. and elena’s feelings for damon ARE real, no one can question that. it’s just the intensity of the feelings that is calling into question. even julie p said that elena probably wouldnt have gotten into bed with damon that soon. they basically made elena and damon rush into things, the making love part shouldnt come until later but i guess they couldnt wait? idk made it seem like romantic and more fling like to me. i was pretty upset too. them two sleeping together is like a big F-U in stefan’s face, when i think he has done nothing to deserve it. damon wanted katherine, slept with rose, caroline, and andie. stefan? has been faithful even though katherine and rebeccah tempted him. it’s just sad to see that the producers really played him this season making him look like a lost puppy.

    • I love Stefan. My happy ending would be for the brothers to walk off into the sunset together. I believe that they are the real love story in TVD. Not Stelena or Delena. I do believe that the sire bond is what made Elena jump into bed so quickly with Damon, but I do believe she truly loves him, and has for a while. As a human, her loyalty to Stefan is what allowed her to deny her attraction to Damon. Once she turned, her feelings became heightened, and the sire bond helped to strip away her inhibitions. Still, despite her being a vampire, I do think it would have taken longer for her to have slept with Damon if the sire bond didn’t exist. Not sure how much of a fan I am of this sire bond story. I’ve been waiting for DE to happen for years, but this aspect makes things kind of icky.

  4. i think that elena’s feelings for damon are real beacause she loved him before she became a vampire and now her feelings are just a bit hightened that’s all . you’re right damon didn’t tell elena to break up with stefan , to love him or to sleep with . i think after all the things damon’s been through he deserves a chance wit elena and his love for her is real even more than stefan’s because he loved her when she was a human , he still loves her the same now that she’s a vampire , he doasn’t want to change her like stefan or caroline , he loves her no matter what and that’s what i admire the most and yes I will be angry if she ends up with stefan AGAIN .

    • THANK YOU! I can deal with her and Stefan if they show Stefan learning to love Elena as she is now, and the writers develop it in a nice, believable way. However, if they just put them back together, or make it like Elena’s feelings are only due to the sire bond, or even cure her and retcon the past 4 years, I think I’ll be done with the show. I’m pretty faithful to my series, and normally won’t jump ship, but that would do it.

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