American Horror Story Episode (2×11) Review – “Spilt Milk”

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The end is almost here. FX’s American Horror Story has just 2 episodes left this season, and began to wrap up some more storylines. This week we were treated to more present day happenings as Johnny Morgan indulged his need for a mother by drinking the milk of a recently pregnant prostitute straight from the source. I have to say that this scene grossed me out way more than all the people he’s murdered. Sadly the prostitute, Pandora, probably didn’t survive the encounter. When last we saw her she was screaming in terror.

American Horror Story Episode (2×12) Promo – “Continuum”

American Horror Story 2x11 - Spilt Milk - JudeBack in 1962, Sister Jude’s brain is still scrambled, but she did manage to tell the Monsignor off once and for all. After spending years pining away for the man, he turns around and lets a demon possessed Sister Eunice have her way with him. To say Judy is heartbroken is an understatement. Even though Judy’s fury was well-deserved, Timothy decides to take out his anger on her (and Lana) but locking the ex-nun away in solitary confinement. Later when a freed Lana comes knocking, Timothy moves Jude to another cell so deep within the asylum Judy may as well be dead. (More…)


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