ICYMI: American Horror Story Episode (2×10) – “The New Game” Review

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On the last episode of FX’s American Horror Story Sister Eunice and Dr. Arden staged a coup with the help of the deranged Mr. Emerson. Now that Sister Jude is a patient at Briarcliff, the only one standing in their way was the Monsignor. If Timothy had listen to Jude instead of writing off her ravings as a symptom of her diminished mental capacity, the Monsignor wouldn’t have been crucified, and left for dead. With him out-of-the-way, the path seems clear for the devil and his servant.

2013 PaleyFest to Honor Ryan Murphy

Arden revives Kit, but lies about the alien visitation. In truth, Arden spent the time Kit was dead examining Grace, and talking to Pepper about the mystery baby. Pepper reveals the aliens have watched him, and his deranged experiments, and so the aliens have protected Grace from any harm. Pepper also reveals she was framed by her sister for her brother-in-law’s murder since she’s a “freak.”

Sister Eunice brings the recuperating Monsignor to his room to rest after his ordeal. While Eunice is getting him settled, Timothy flashes back to the warning the Angel of Death gave him when he hung on the cross. Afterwards, Eunice teases Jude by replacing the broken record player with a jukebox for the recreation room. As Eunice exits, Dr. Thredson enters. He’s free, and has just been given a full-time position. A fact he can’t wait to gloat in Lana and Kit’s faces. Now he can make sure Lana takes care of their baby. Though things look bleak for Lana, the failed abortion turns out to be a blessing since it’s the baby is the only thing keeping Thredson from killing her. (More…)


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