ICYMI: Arrow Episode (1×11) – “Trust But Verify” Review

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Arrow Cast

After being side-lined following a beat down from the Dark Archer, the Arrow is back in fighting form. On “Trust But Verify,” Oliver is back to checking off names on The List, and the next target just happens to be Diggle’s friend. While Thea spends time with Moira for her 18th birthday, Moira leaves to deal with Malcolm Merlyn. For years now Thea has believed her mother cheated on her father with Malcolm, and now she thinks Moira is up to her old tricks in Walter’s absence. Tommy hopes his father has turned over a new leaf when Malcolm invites him and Laurel out to dinner, but discovers it’s just a ruse. Thea, Tommy, and Moira are all having trust issues and refuse to take people at their word without proof. Once their wishes are granted, none of them seem very happy about it.

ER’s Alex Kingston Joins the CW’s Arrow

“People change, John, and people deserve a chance to prove it.”

Trust but VerifyDiggle doesn’t believe Oliver’s theory that his old commanding officer, Ted Gaynor, is behind a series of armoured truck heists in Starling City. As Oliver investigates Gaynor, Diggle seeks out his friend for proof of his innocence. In the end it turns out Oliver was right, but he takes no comfort in it. Though Oliver’s instincts about “Bad Guys” is dead on, it’s off everywhere else. Oliver trusts The List more than the people closest to him. Both men walked away learning a valuable lesson. Diggle learned he never again wants to know who’s on The List, and Oliver was reminded why he made Diggle his partner. (more…)


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