ICYMI: Being Human Episode (3×01) Review – “It’s A Shame About Ray”

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Being Human Season 3

When we left off last season the four supernatural friends were all in dire situations. Aidan had just been buried alive by after witnessing Suren’s murder for their coup against Mother. Sally used her Reaper powers to send herself into Limbo in search of Nick to atone for killing him. Josh and Nora were in the middle of a Mexican Standoff against Josh’s maker in a quest to end their curse. Now after nearly a year SyFy’s Being Human is back for a third season.

Mark Pellegrino Dishes Possible Return to SyFy’s Being Human

Being Human - Season 3When the show returns it has time jumped 15 months into the future. Aidan is still missing, and Sally is stuck in Limbo. In the past year and a half, Josh and Nora have been searching for ways to bring their friend’s home. Though they don’t know where Aidan is, they do know Sally is stuck in Limbo, but they are clueless about how to bring her back to our dimension. After spending lots of money (and time) on psychics, the couple finally find a witch who claims to have the power to help them. All they need are a few ingredients: Ray’s heart, and Sally’s body. The couple get the much-needed supplies, but get a little more than they bargained for. (More…)


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