ICYMI: Being Human Episode (3×02) Review – “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

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Being Human US Season 3 Cast

Previously on Being Human Aidan was dug up from his grave only to be kidnapped and attacked for his blood. Josh is now human, but Nora isn’t. They can’t locate Aidan, but the manage to find a witch, Donna, who helps them raise Sally from the dead. Now that Aidan is back home, he’s got 2 human roommates, and nowhere to get blood. Things are about to get interesting…

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“If any harm has come to your sister, I will rain down blood and ashes. And the leeches will know: see a purebred, and run.”

Being Human - Season 3Bren and Connor’s father, Liam McClain, comes to town in search of his children. When he discovers Connor has been killed, he wipes out the rest of the Amish vampire communities. No big. They were already dying from the Vampire Plague. Since Bren is nowhere in sight, he goes in search of their “friend” Nora.

 Aidan calls home, and is once again with his friends. Cleaned and shaved, Aidan tries to grasp all the changes – human Sally and Josh, new roommate Nora, no food in sight. When the cravings get to be too much for him, Aidan goes off to be alone. Meanwhile, Sally gets ready for a night on the town. She’s been dead for a while, and can’t wait to break in her old body. (more…)


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