ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×10) Recap – “After School Special”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Tyler and the Hybrids decided to take out Klaus.
  • Stefan and Caroline tried to stop him.
  • Hayley played them all for fools.
  • Shane, Bonnie, Elena, and Damon helped Jeremy deal with his “issues.”
  • Damon evoked the sire bond for the first time, and cockblocked himself.
  • Caroline dropped a bomb on Stefan.
  • Klaus showed the Hybrids how he rolls. 
  • He showed Carol Lockwood, too.
  • April is no longer clueless (or useless)?
  • Christmas Carols will never be the same. 

Traditionally, After School Specials were television movies that aired when children were out of school, and the topics they tackled were generally tough ones for families to broach with their teens. These specials touched on topics like teen sex, under aged drinking, drugs, and even eating disorders. Their aim was to show teens what could happen if they engaged in these activities, but also let them know that they aren’t alone. These are situations teens everywhere face. Most of these specials weren’t preachy, and were able to get uncomfortable subjects across to kids in an entertaining (and enlightening) way while teaching valuable life lessons. Sometimes in the midst of uncomfortable truths. In “After School Special” we got the opportunity to witness this TVD style. (more…)


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