Arrow Episode (1×12) Review: Vertigo

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Arrow Cast

While Thea learned some of the Queen family secrets, Oliver battled a madman and discovered a few secrets of his own. On the last episode of Arrow, Oliver tried to help Thea get out of legal trouble by taking on the dealer who sold the drug she was on when she got busted by the police after her birthday party. Vertigo is the latest designer drug hitting the streets, and it’s highly addictive. Created by a man who goes by the moniker, The Count, the drug has a nasty way of making people a little crazy. Oliver may not have been able to completely rid Starling City of this vice, but he did manage to get Thea on the right track.

Arrow Episode (1×13) Promo – “Betrayal”

VertigoThis episode was interesting for how Thea’s situation was paralleled to Oliver’s. In the beginning of the episode Thea was lashing out at Moira who she believed cheated on bother her father and Walter. Now Mr. Queen is dead, and Walter is missing. To Thea, every time she grows close to a man in her life he ends up leaving. After Oliver revealed to his little sister that their father was the one who had an affair, not their mom, Thea decided to give her mother a break. As Thea began to forgive Moira, Oliver realized maybe Thea was right – their mom can’t be trusted. (More…)


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