ICYMI: “We’re All Mad Here”: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×14) Review – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

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As you may have notices I didn’t do a “Previously…” this week. That’s because I honestly have no clue what happened in the last episode except a big heaping of B.S., which Shane finally admitted to in “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Everything he has told the Mystic Fallians was a load of crap. His desire to get his wife back was that strong. Like its literary counterpart, The Adventures of Alice in WonderlandThe Vampire Diaries touched on the theme of having an identity crises.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

When we left off the Scooby Gang had been divided. Damon was the prisoner of one of The Five, Jeremy and Bonnie had been kidnapped by Shane, and Elena/Stefan/Rebekah were left on their own without any off the clues to locating the cure. While Damon learned the truth from the new hunter, Vaughn, Stefan and Elena didn’t find out until they were left stranded by Rebekah. In a nutshell: the cure was only intended to kill Silas, and there is only one dose. Though Damon isn’t affected since he doesn’t want the cure for himself (yeah, sure), Klaus is able to get the info to Rebekah as an apology. When Bex sees how much better Stefan and Elena are now getting along, and realizes Stefan would still sacrifice his happiness for Elena, Bex double-crosses her partners to get the cure for herself. Instead of being devastated, Elena realizes that now might be the best time to start accepting herself for who she is, because even if she were to become human again she wouldn’t be the same person she once was. Too much has happened to turn back. (More…)


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