Pretty Little Liars (3×18) Review: “Dead to Me”

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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Spencer hired a private investigator to investigate Toby. Hannah thought Paige was cheating on Emily. Aria lost Ezra to the “A-Games” when Spencer was manipulated into revealing Ezra has a son. Emily may have found proof that Alison was pregnant at the time of her death, but who’s the daddy?

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DREW VAN ACKER, SHAY MITCHELL, LUCY HALE, ASHLEY BENSONIn “Dead to Me,” the Pretty Little Liars learned that Alison would be reinterred. Jason invited the Liars to say their final good-bye to their former friend after his family leaves the mausoleum. All of the Liars were thankful for this opportunity, except for Spencer. Still reeling from learning the truth about Toby, Spencer is fed up with people betraying her. Now that they have learned so much about Alison, Spencer’s memory of Alison is tarnished. Unfortunately, Spencer is hurting so badly from what Toby had done to her that she doesn’t realize how awfully she’s treating everyone else in her life. She even goes so far as to tell Jason that Alison was probably pregnant when she was murdered, and that Detective Wilden may have been the father. All of which was prompted by the private investigator revealing what the “A” key went to – an apartment. Spencer believed it would be filled with the gardenias the PI told her Toby bought, and that he was trying to send her a secret message. She was wrong. When spencer arrived at the apartment it was obviously being used as the “A-Team’s” lair. (More…)


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