Arrow Episode (1×17) Review – “The Huntress Returns”

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The CW’s Arrow has been on my Must-See TV list all season long, so when it went on a mini two-week hiatus, to say I was a little bummed is an understatement. This week the show came back with a vengeance when Helena Bertinelli, The Huntress, swooped back into town. This character who I enjoyed earlier this season sure had changed since we last saw her. Gone is the confused, heartbroken woman who wanted justice for her murdered fiance, and in her place is a cold-hearted, calculating psychopath. “The Huntress Returns” shows what could have happened to Oliver Queen if he allowed grief, anger, and resentment to harden his heart. On a show filled with vigilantes who take the law into their own hands, the line between good and evil is quite thin, and very easy to cross.

“How Many Girlfriends Do You Have, Exactly?” Arrow Episode (1×17) “The Huntress Returns” – MVA Revealed

The Huntress ReturnsJust when Oliver thought things in his life were on an upswing, his ex girlfriend comes into town, and takes a sledgehammer to the life he’s tried to build for himself. Helena’s father was just sentenced to life in prison, but Helena doesn’t believe that three square meals a day and cable tv are punishment enough for all the people her father has murdered. So instead of leaving her father to rot in prison, Helena returned to Starling City to murder him once and for all. However, there was no way Helena was going to come back home without seeing her ex-squeeze, and when she discovered Oliver hadn’t been pining away for her like she hoped, Helena decided to coerce Oliver into assisting her in her plan. On paper this sounds like a good idea, but watching Helena nearly rip Tommy’s arm off, knocking out Felicity, nearly outing Ollie to Det. Lance, and shooting McKenna has turned Helena into a complete villain. This was a surprising move on the part of the writers since Helena isn’t a villain in the comics. I can only assume they plan to rehabilitate her down the line, and this will be used to show how far she has come. If that’s the plan, Helena’s character will need a lot of rehabilitation. I don’t think I’ve hated a character as much as I do her since The Walking Dead’s Lori Grimes, or Mad Men’s Betty Draper. (More…)


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