Cult Episode (1×04) Review – “Get with the Program”

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Cult Season 1 Seeing is Deceiving

Last week’s episode of Cult piqued my interest but this week the only thing of interest was Cult Deprogrammer Ross (Sorry Matty D.). Jeff and Skye met a woman from a chatroom whose husband may have disappeared thanks to the True Believers. Since she is afraid of anyone she doesn’t know, the woman hires Ross to check out Jeff and Skye, and make sure they aren’t one of “Cult’s” weirdo fans. The four of them compared clues, and tried to figure out what happened to Nate and the woman’s husband, but whenever anything popped off it was Ross who was a man of action while Jeff and Skye ducked for cover. As they were attempting to learn more about how cults operate and the True Believers, Det. Sakelik tried to run interference.

Cult Episode (1×05) Promo – “The Kiss”

Get With The ProgramThe audience has known that Sakelik was a True Believer from the very first episode, so it was no surprise when she scooped up the only lead Jeff and Skye had found, in the form of a hacker who was obsessed with the show, and spirited him away to parts unknown. Besides watching her monitor the amateur detectives’ movements, we also learned that Sakelik knows where Nate is being held. Though it’s believed Nate is a prisoner, Jeff and Skye have determined that Nate is willfully going along with his abduction as part of some sort of initiation ritual to becoming a True Believer. (More…)


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