“Excuse You.” : The Vampire Diaries Episode (1×17) Review – “Because the Night”

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This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a very fun ride. Great music, flashbacks, new Elena hair, and Lexi. However, as much fun as I had watching “Because the Night,” after it was over I realized the episode was a little like Chinese food. Great while you’re eating it, but not very filling after you’re done.

The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×16) Review – “Bring It On”

The episode opened with a cool flashback of Damon feeding in New York city back in 1977, in a scene reminiscent of season 1. Then things got light and fluffy. Essentially, Damon had duped Elena into thinking they were on a romantic, hedonistic trip to the Big Apple to party like it’s 1999 without Stefan and Caroline nagging them at every corner. In fact, the trip was a cure expedition. Back in Mystic Falls Stefan, Caroline, and Klaus tried to figure out who was Silas, and stop him from finishing the Expression Triangle needed to bring on Armageddon. In the end, Elena and Rebekah (who tracked the couple from M.F.) got the upper hand on Damon in the form of his only clue to Katherine’s whereabouts and the elusive cure. Caroline killed 12 people to save Bonnie’s life, kick starting the Apocalypse. Klaus ended up getting the shaft. While I enjoyed the episode immensely while it was happening, here’s the problem: it had no substance.  (More…)


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