The Walking Dead Episode (3×10) Review – “Home”

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As the battle between the prison survivors and the Woodbury crew races towards its climax, Rick is having an existential crisis. Hell, Rick is going bat shit crazy, and there’s nothing anyone can do. In “Home,” Glenn decides to step up as the de-facto new leader of the prison crew much to the chagrin of basically everyone there. Hershel believes Glenn is just acting out his frustration of not being able to protect Maggie from the Governor and his men, while Maggie is tired of Glenn lashing out at her for what happened. Out in the woods, Daryl and Merle butt heads. Much has happened to the men since they last saw each other. While Merle is basically the same prick, Daryl has grown into a man who cares about people, and is willing to put his life on the line for his fellow-man. Back in Woodbury, the Governor gives Andrea some song and dance about her becoming the new leader of the town. In truth he’s just setting her up because he doesn’t trust her loyalties.

The Walking Dead Episode (3×11) Promo & Synopsis – “I Ain’t a Judas”

The Walking Dead 3x10 - Home 2“Home” was about what that word means to the different people who live in the The Walking Dead universe. Daryl has searched for his brother Merle since Atlanta, but it wasn’t until the brothers reunited that Daryl realized his home wasn’t with his brother, but with the people who have become like family to him. Once this realization set in, Daryl decided to return “home” to the prison  and his family. Now that the Governor is on his way to ambush the prison, Hershel is ready to pack up and make a run for it. Though the prison has provided a safe place for them to whole up, it’s not his home. Home is wherever the people he loves resides. What Hershel finds out this week is that Glenn is so filled with hate towards the Governor and his men, he’s willing to risk that for revenge. Despite the safety the prison provides, Rick doesn’t consider it to be his home. Not since Lori died. His home has always been wherever she is, and where she currently is, is someplace Rick can’t follow. (More…)


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