The Walking Dead Episode (3×12) Review – “Clear”

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Episode 312 of The Walking Dead showed just how far Rick, Carl, and Michonne have come in the time we’ve known them. Rick was a sheriff who believed in maintaining peace and order. He had a good heart, and it often got him into trouble by trusting the wrong people. Carl was once a little boy who’s biggest problem was doing well in school. Now he’s a cold-blooded killer. Michonne used to be a lone wolf who felt she didn’t need anyone, but now realizes she doesn’t want to live or die alone. All three of them recognized the change in themselves, and each other when Rick reunited with an old friend.

The Walking Dead Episode (3×13) Promo – “Arrow on the Doorpost”

The Walking Dead 3x12 - ClearThese three individuals left the prison in search of much-needed weapons and ammunition for the upcoming war with the Governor. As they drove the desolate highway from the prison to Rick’s old town in search of supplies, the three drove by a lone survivor. In the past, Rick and Carl would have stopped for the seemingly harmless man and offered him a ride, but times they are a’changin’. Just 1 year later, and the boys had absolutely no problem leaving the man to die. As they headed back towards the prison later that day they had a change of heart, and planned to pick up the hitchhiker, but it was too late. This change of heart was brought about what they witnessed in town. (More…)


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