The Walking Dead Episode (3×13) Review – “Arrow on the Doorpost”

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After 12 episodes of The Walking Dead this season, the Governor and Rick finally came face-to-face. While Rick was interested in discussing what was best for his people, the Governor was only concerned about what was best for himself. “Arrow on the Doorpost” may not have been as action-packed as some other episodes this season, but it arguably contained one of the most important scenes yet.

The Walking Dead Episode (4×14) Clip – “Prey”

The Walking Dead 3x13 - Arrow on the DoorpostAs Rick walked into Verlin’s Feed & Seed Co. somewhere on the outskirts of town to parlay with the Governor, many fans thought Rick should have shot him on sight. Especially considering he had a concealed gun underneath the bargaining table. From that point on it didn’t matter how calm the Governor seemed, because he ha already proven he couldn’t be trusted. These scenes were chock full of tension that allowed me as a viewer to sit on the edge of my seat riveted. In the past couple of weeks, Rick has met two men who represent a future that Rick does not want to live out. (More…)


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