A Crow, a Warg, and a Priest: Game of Thrones Episode (3×02) Review – “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

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Last week’s season premiere was a little slow for my liking, but Game of Thrones sure made up for it this week in “Dark Wings, Dark Words.” While I was enthralled with the introduction of the Reeds, and the return of Jaime Lannister and Arya Stark this week, I did happen to notice that on Twitter there seemed be a social divide about the episode. Those that read the book season 3 was adapted from, A Storm of Swords, seemed to get the most out of it, while non book fans seemed bored. I think this had to do with a lot of things popular in the books that many of us have waited for, which made no sense (as of yet) to everyone else.

Game of Thrones Episode (3×03) Promo & Synopsis – “Walk of Punishment”

Game of Thrones 3x02 - Dark Wings, Dark Words 3This week Arya, Hotpie, and Gendry made their way to Riverrun, but end up running into Thoros of Myr and his merry band of men. After he takes the kids to get something to eat, the three try to take off and end up running into the Hound. He had been captured by Thoros’ men, and ends up outing Arya to her captures. As a fan of the books it was nice to see the introduction of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and Thoros brought a bit of levity with his jokes. I’m curious to see how much of his storyline from the books we’ll see this season,and what will be held over until season 4. (More…)


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