Higher Learning: Cult Episode (1×06) Review – “The Good Fight”

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Cult Season 1 Seeing is Deceiving

This week’s episode of Cult was a bit of a departure from the previous episodes as Skye fell victim to the drug her friend Lexi slipped her at the fan party the night before. Instead of her and Jeff running around looking for Nate, the audience went on a drug-induced trip with Skye as she became trapped in the television show she’s been obsessed with ever since her father disappeared. In the dream world, Skye spent time with Billy Grimm, Kelly, and her father as they all tried to convince her to stop investigating her father’s disappearance. As Skye lapsed into a coma, Jeff tried to track down the drug she was slipped so the doctors could figure out what was causing her current state.

Dream a Little Dream of Me: Cult Episode (1×06) “The Good Fight” – MVA Revealed

The Good FightI have to say that this episode was one of my favorites in the series so far, because instead of focusing on the search for Nate (a character we really don’t know much about) it focused on Skye. “The Good Fight” allowed the audience the chance to get to know this character we’ve spent the last six weeks with on a more personal level. We finally got to meet her mother, and see how their relationship has been changed due to her father’s disappearance. While Skye has held on to the hope she would one day find out what happened to him, her mother has moved on with her life. The two woman obviously love one another, but for the past ten years Skye has felt like her mother has stopped loving her father, and this has driven the two apart. By the end of the episode Skye comes to realize that her mother will always lover her father, but needed to move on, just as Skye’s mother finally understands why Skye needs to keep looking. Skye and her mother’s relationship wasn’t the only other relationship to change. This ordeal has also brought Skye and Jeff closer together. (More…)


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