You Need Trust to Have a Truce: Game of Thrones Episode (3×05) Review – “Kissed By Fire”

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The title of this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Kissed By Fire,” may refer to people born with red hair, but Ygritte wasn’t the only fiery person in this episode. Beric Dondarrion showed what fire can do when he rose from the dead following a duel with the Hound. Aria and Robb Stark both showed that they may be wolves, but the fire that runs through their veins tends to lead them into unwise decisions. Jon Snow revealed that still waters do run deep when he unleashed his passions on Ygritte and proved that Jon Snow does indeed know something. Jaime Lannister may be a man who hides his pain behind snide comments, but his laid back demeanor is just a ruse. There’s a fire deep inside to prove he’s not the man people think him to be. All of these people hide behind their morality, wit, or code to protect themselves from being hurt by those around them, but like a volcano they all eventually erupt.

Game of Thrones Episode (3×06) Promo – “The Climb”

Game of Thrones 3x05 - Kissed By Fire 4“Lord of Light strike this man down if he is guilty, but spare him if he is true.” When the Hound decided to stand trial for his war crimes via a duel, Beric Dondarrion rose to the challenge. These two good fighters were well matched, but Dondarrion left himself open, and allowed the Hound to nearly slice him in half. Luckily, Dondarrion has Thoros on his side. When I read this part of Storm of Swords I was speechless. Up until this point of A Song of Ice and Fire I wasn’t a believer in the Lord of Light, but when Thoros brought Beric back I realized this god was no false idol. While I pictured Dondarrion to be some sort of zombie, I’m glad the show kept him looking human. As interesting as this storyline has become, what I found the most enjoyable was Arya’s chutzpah to charge the Hound after Dondarrion fell. Despite the insanity of her actions, you have to admire her gumption. (More…)


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