Arrow Episode (1×23) Review – “Sacrifice”

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Yesterday’s Arrow season finale was everything a season finale should be. There was loads of action, but all of it had a purpose. Relationships were tested. Some were repaired or solidified, while others came to a devastating end. New heroes were born, while old villains died. “Sacrifice” lived up to its name in that not one, but two people died, and others made sacrifices that saved the lives of others. As we now look back over the course of the season we can clearly see how some characters evolved for the better, and others degenerated into madness.

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Sacrifice“Somebody in this family needs to put an end to this whatever the cost.” Now that Oliver knows his mother’s involvement in the Undertaking, he doesn’t see her the same way anymore. Trying to find a “peaceful” way to handle things, Oliver tells Tommy the truth about his father in the hopes Tommy will try to talk Malcolm out of going through with his plans, but Tommy is too upset about Oliver and Laurel to listen. So despite the fact the Dark Archer has beat him twice before, Oliver decides to go after Malcolm. Even if it costs him his life, but this time he has help. Diggle has decided to watch Oliver’s back, while Felicity will stay at headquarters to help the police disarm the bomb. At one point it looked like Oliver was defeated, but then he realized how his father committed suicide so that he could survive at sea. Using the same idea, Oliver stabs himself with an arrow, and into Malcolm’s heart, killing him.

Meanwhile, Moira does her part to help by confessing her crimes on live television. I guess she believes that she can protect her family by outing Malcolm as the mastermind. It does make sense. Now that she’s in police custody, the press will undoubtedly be watching Moira and her family. Kind of hard to kill someone when you’re being taped. (More…)


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