Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (1×04) Review – “The Magician”

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“I think I have a cat in my bag. Would you like to kick that, too?”

As Leonardo delves deeper into the mystery of the Sons of Mithras and the Book of Leaves, the battle for Florence rages on. This week on Da Vinci’s Demons, Lorenzo is putting pressure on Leonardo to complete his cannons for the impending battle against Rome, but things begin to look bleak thanks to Leo rash actions. Now that Becchi has been arrested for treason, Giulino has decided to take matters into his own hands and clear his friend’s name. Meanwhile, Lucrezia tries to cover her tracks.

Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (1×05) Promo & Synopsis – “The Tower”

DA VINCI'S DEMONS“If I was a dutiful servant I would consider the needs of my patron. But I’m not.” Leonardo proved he wasn’t a very dutiful servant this week when he used a meeting with Lucrezia to make-out with her whilst carrying out his commission to paint her for Lorenzo. These two are in a doomed relationship, that only Leonardo seems to believe has any hope of succeeding. Not only is Lucrezia the true Roman spy, but she’s a married woman who is also the mistress of Leonardo’s patron. Usually, Leo walks around pouting that Lucrezia is spending time with Lorenzo instead of him, but this week he was too preoccupied to care. Aside from spending time with Lorenzo’s girl, Leonardo also managed to sabotage the armory, setting Florence up for Roman occupation. Of course by the end Leo had come up with a psych out convincing enough to save his Florentine hide, but it’s only a matter of time before Riario figures out he’s been duped. Then again… based on the ending, he may already have. (More…)


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