Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (1×06) Review – “The Devil”

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“You cannot kill a man without a soul.”

Leonardo’s Da Vinci’s obsession with the Book of Leaves has taken him to some strange places, but none as strange as Wallachia. On episode 106 of Da Vinci’s Demons, Leo has the honor of meeting the one and only Vlad Dracula. While the two men bond over their sad childhoods (Vlad wins), their friendship is short-lived once Vlad shows how insane he really is. Leonardo may be considered a Florentine reprobate in some circles, but Vlad’s shenanigans has him beat by a mile.

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DaVinci's Demons, 2013“In truth, your journey already has begun. Time is a river. You have already made the decision. You make it every time.” Leo, Zoroaster, and Niccolo embark on their journey to Romania after Leonardo has a strange dream about an Abyssinian map maker who knows about the location of the book. I found it interesting that Leonardo was operating in a fugue state for days, and yet Zoroaster and Niccolo followed him to a strange country nonetheless.

“The sooner you move beyond the words, “present” and “future,” the sooner you become the man we need you to be.”

“We are too often what our father’s make us.” Leo & Co.’s allure with the Count was short-lived once they arrived to his creepy castle filled with human skulls. Maybe it was Dracula’s crazy talk, his racial comments to Zoroaster, they way he tortured people horribly for sport, or walked around with a severed hand, but the boys finally decided they had enough and high-tailed it out of there. Of course, being the good guys the only person the boys wanted dead was Dracula. Too bad they didn’t listen to him when Dracula confessed to them that he couldn’t be killed. I actually was leery when I heard the show was going to have a Dracula episode, but I liked the show’s spin on the legend. They used actual historical fact with a little legend thrown in. I’m thrilled we didn’t see any vampire teeth. The true story of Dracula is strange enough without going the Bram Stoker route. (More…)


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