Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (1×07) Review – “The Hierophant”

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“A lie lived amongst friends.”

It’s been two week’s since there’s been a new episode of Da Vinci’s Demons, but this week Leo and the gang are back with the first of the last two episodes. The title for episode 107, “The Hierophant,” could have a couple of meanings. Both of which are significant to the episode at hand. On definition is someone who brings congregants to that which is deemed holy. In season 1, the Sons of Mithras have been initiating Leonardo da Vinci into their order it seems with the quest to find the elusive Book of Leaves. By leaving him clues, Leo has been able to learn more and more about these people, and the secrets they hold most dear. The other meaning of hierophant, is one of tarot cards comprised in the major arcana (trump cards) that represents the Pope. After six episodes of back-stabbing, plotting and scheming between the Romans and the Florentines, Leonardo finally comes face-to-face with the Pope in his most recent search.

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Da Vinci's Demons 1x07 - The Hierophant“I always knew I would pay for being me.” Poor Giulino de Medici. In episode 106, “The Devil,” Lorenzo and Clarice arranged for Giulino to marry one of the Pazzi girls. After Lorenzo’s latest coup (getting the Duke of Urbino’s allegiance), Lorenzo decides to bridge another burnt bridge by forging a political marriage for his brother with one of their biggest rivals. When Giulino finds out he’s to be wed without giving his say in the matter, he goes on a bender. At first it seems he’s upset at not being consulted, but later we learn he holds the Pazzi responsible for Becchi’s death. If they hadn’t conspired with Rome, the traitor would have never set Becchi up to take the fall. After bedding Leonardo’s friend Vanessa, she advises Giulino to search out the true traitor, and clear Becchi’s name. (More…)


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