Falling Skies Episode (3×01 & 3×02) Review

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Falling Skies Season 3 Title 3

Falling Skies’ “The Fighting Masons” Are Back!

Last season on TNT’s alien invasion series, Falling Skies, Ben Mason had been taken by the Skitters, and harnessed. When he returned, he was never the same. Not only does Ben possess new abilities like super strength, but Ben can also communicate with the aliens. For a while he was doing the bidding of Red Eye, the leader of a band of rebel aliens, but after Red Eye was killed, Ben returned to the fold. Hal’s girlfriend Karen was also taken, but in season 2 she had become an active member of the Skitter Team. Though Karen is no longer Team Human, one thing about her hasn’t changed. She still only has eyes for Hal. Unfortunately, Hal had his eyes on a new girl, and this one doesn’t try to kill his family. Hal and Maggie mostly gave one another longing looks, because Karen (for some reason) was too hard to get over. Tom ran into his old mentor, Dr. Manchester, who is the leader of the human town of Charleston. The 2nd Mass soon discovers this city is safe from Skitters, and decide to settle down. Then all hell breaks loose. Skitters attack. Karen kidnaps the Masons, Anne, and Maggie. Of course they get saved by the Rebel Skitters, but not before Karen reveals Anne is pregnant with Tom’s baby. Seems these two have done more than share longing glances. Everyone seems happy, and the resistance defeats the Skitters. In a twist, we discover an injured Hal has been infected with an eyeworm thanks to Karen, and a new alien race arrives. All year  a burning question has loomed: Are these aliens friends or foes? This week we found out the answer.

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Falling Skies 3x01 - On Thin Ice 2“It’s good to be back.” Seven months has passed since we last saw the survivors, and a lot has changed. Tom is now President of the New Untied States. He and Anne are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl. Hal is inexplicably paralyzed. Ben has formed a new alliance of his own. Matt is experiencing what it’s like to be without parental supervision. As the Masons reconfigured their family, the world around them has also changed. The survivors have joined forces with the new aliens and a rebel band of Skitters. Not everyone is happy with this alliance. Many survivors are suspicious of the aliens, and believe they can’t be trusted. Not only that, but now that Skitter Overlord has been killed, Hal’s ex-girlfriend Karen has risen through the ranks to become the new Skitter Overlord. (More…)


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