Game of Thrones Episode (3×09) Review– “The Rains of Castamere”

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Game of Thrones Gives Another Reason to Fear Marriage

To paraphrase Billy Idol “It’s a nice day for a Red Wedding.” Too soon? OK, so Billy never said that, but I bet after tonight everyone will. Tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones wasn’t the season finale, but it sure felt like one. All season long the show sucked you in with scenic views, snarky old ladies, and badass warrior princesses. Tonight you find out why. Aside from Theon Greyjoy losing his Kibbles and Bits, and Jaime Lannister losing is sword hand, not too much has happened. That’s because the show wanted to give the audience a false sense of security. Yeah, those of us that read the books knew a dark cloud was looming on the horizon, but even we weren’t prepared for Walder Frey giving the smackdown to Robb Stark. For three seasons viewers have heard much talk about the Lannister’s theme song, but the gravity of what it meant was most likely lost to most. All the signs were there. Catelyn warning Robb about what a weasel Walder was known to be. Cersei gleeful retelling the story of how “The Rains of Castamere” became the official theme song of Casterly Rock. All season long there was a sense of foreboding that became greater with every bit of foreshadowing. Still… I wasn’t prepared. When the episodes are laid out for judgement, episode 309 probably won’t rank in the top 5, but it will forever live in infamy.

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“You’re very kind. Someday it will get you killed.” Arya and the Hound continue their journey toward The Twins. Aside from a few light moments of watching Arya try to teach the Hound mercy, and threaten to burn him, nothing really important happened between them. Until they stumbled upon her family getting slaughtered. While nothing has happened with Arya this week, this horrendous event will shape who she is to become. (More…)


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