The White Queen – Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Cousins’ War’ Series Book Review

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Philippa Gregory's The Cousins' War Book Series

The White Queen Comes to Life When Philippa Gregory’s Best-Selling ‘The Cousins’ War’ Series  Premieres on Starz This August

The White Queen, which has already premiered in the UK on BBC One, is the riveting portrayal of one of the most turbulent times in English history. The story begins in 1464 during what was known as the ‘Cousin’s War,’ but is now popularly known as ‘The War of the Roses.’ Before the reign of the Tudors, the Plantagenets ruled England. After the Hundred Years’ War brought social and financial trouble to the kingdom, the House of Plantagenet split in half, creating two rival factions – Lancaster and York. These two halves of the same family each vied for the same throne. The Lancasters were represented by white roses, while the Yorks were represented by red roses. This familial division went on for thirty years, and wasn’t settled until Henry Tudor won the throne from Richard III, and solidified his claim by marrying Elizabeth of York, thus ushering in the reign of the Tudors. This new series will not only be based on Gregory’s novel The White Queen, but will also be based on books 2 and 4 in her ‘Cousins’ War’ series, The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter.

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Philippa Gregory - The White Queen Book CoverEach of Gregory’s novels tells of this tumultuous time period, but each through the eyes of the titular character. The first novelThe White Queen, is seen through the eyes of Elizabeth Woodville. Elizabeth is a widow who lost her husband, Sir John Grey, in the war. A member of the House of Lancaster, Elizabeth is now a single mother of two sons who have lost their inheritance. Desperate to secure her children’s future, Elizabeth appeals to the new York king, Edward IV, to put things right. When these two meet, they fall in love at first sight. Whether it’s Elizabeth’s beauty, Edward’s lust, or Elizabeth’s mother Jacquetta’s witchcraft, Edward creates an uproar when he secretly marries a woman who is considered his enemy, and a commoner to boot. Elizabeth is soon thrust into a world of violence, betrayal, and murder when she becomes Queen of England, and is determined to stop at nothing to ensure her husband has an heir to the throne. (More…)


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0 responses to “The White Queen – Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Cousins’ War’ Series Book Review

  1. The popularity of Elizabeth was extremely high, but her Privy Council , her Parliament and her subjects thought that the unmarried queen should take a husband; it was generally accepted that, once a queen regnant was married, the husband would relieve the woman of the burdens of head of state . Also, without an heir, the Tudor dynasty would end; the risk of civil war between rival claimants was a possibility if Elizabeth died childless. Numerous suitors from nearly all European nations sent ambassadors to English court to put forward their suit. Risk of death came dangerously close in 1564 when Elizabeth caught smallpox ; when she was most at risk, she named Robert Dudley as Lord Protector in the event of her death. After her recovery, she appointed Dudley to the Privy Council and created him Earl of Leicester , in the hope that he would marry Mary, Queen of Scots . Mary rejected him, and instead married Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley , a descendant of Henry VII , giving Mary a stronger claim to the English throne. Although many Catholics were loyal to Elizabeth, many also believed that, because Elizabeth was declared illegitimate after her parents’ marriage was annulled , Mary was the strongest legitimate claimant. Despite this, Elizabeth would not name Mary her heir; as she had experienced during the reign of her predecessor Mary I, the opposition could flock around the heir if they were disheartened with Elizabeth’s rule.

  2. Melissa Walsh

    Hello! I’m Mel and live in Seattle. I am buying the white queen set. The Cousins’ , series . I am VERY perplexed as to which book I should start out with?! Any help anyone can give me, would b kind. Appreciate anyone’s help! Thank you. Melissa

    • Melissa Walsh

      Please also let me see who comments to help me! The button it said to press, stayed blank when I sent my query. Sorry and thanks

    • Hello!

      If you want to read the series, then you should start with book 1: The White Queen. After that the reading order is: The Red Queen, Lady of the Rivers, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, and The White Princess. Hope this helps!

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