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Daily Prompt: Barter System

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

If the world worked on a barter system I think I would be alright. For a little while at least. I teach elementary, so I’m sure I could provide education in exchange for goods. I am also good at needlework. Crochet, knitting, embroidery, etc., so I believe I could have a side business that would allow me to get a few extra necessities. The downfall? This hobby isn’t cheap, and it takes a good deal of time to produce goods. Things like blankets, scarves, and hats I could produce in a few days, but intricate work like sweaters, socks, and toys (like unfinished sock monkey project pictured above) take a lot longer to make. While I do believe I would be moderately successful for a short amount of time, I do believe I would eventually struggle to make ends meet. Eventually, the cost of materials would make this business plan untenable, and I’d probably starve.


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0 responses to “This For That and That For This

  1. You would just need to find an area where those goods were in such high demand that you could accumulate more resources for them. 🙂 I love the long-term reasoning in this post, well done!

    • Thanks! Yeah, you’re right. People will always need clothes, and I’m sure I could find someone willing to give my supplies in trade if I thought about it. Maybe I could offer beginner crochet/knitting lessons at the local craft store in exchange for yarn.

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