Breaking Bad Episode (5×11) Review – “Confessions”

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Previously on AMC’s Breaking Bad Hank decided to enlist Skylar’s help in building a case proving Walter is Heisenberg, but discovered Skylar may not be as innocent as he previously thought. This revelation divided the White/Schrader family down the middle, and may not only prove disastrous for their relationship with one another, but possibly even deadly. Now that Jesse Pinkman is in police custody following his Robin Hood stint, Hank may just have the leverage he needs to bring Walter White down.

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I’m Not A Rat… When Hank gets his turn with Jesse, he reveals what he knows about Walter in order to convince the young man to turn over on Walt. It’s a no go. Jesse may be disgruntled with Walter about all the dirt his partner has done to him over the years, but he’s not stupid. Giving away all his money is one thing, but turning on a man who put a hit on ten people in prison in another. Luckily, Saul arrives in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Walter reveals to his son about his cancer returning in order to keep the kid from going over to Marie and Hank’s house. This move was necessary since Jr. would find out anyway, but the motivation behind the confession was dirty dealing at its best. On the flip side, Walter ends up recording a confessional which I guess will be handed over after he’s died. Doesn’t make sense to me, however, since his admitting to being a drug dealer would mean all the money he worked for to keep his family afloat after he was gone would be confiscated by the DEA. (More…)


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