Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×10) Review – “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

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Pretty Little Liars Offers Up Big Revelations This Week

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IAN HARDING, LARISA OLEYNIKSo far this season of Pretty Little Liars hasn’t really offered up too many “Oohs! and Ahhs!,” but with only 1 more episode left until the hiatus the show has decided to offer up some big revelations. As the girls took a sigh of relief from all the crazy they’ve experienced the past few months and tried to enjoy a bit of normalcy, the boys were left in a world of hurt. Luckily, the Liars couldn’t be blamed for the boys’ misfortunes. Toby continued to be manipulated by “A,” and ended up wasting his and Spencer’s time over the music “A” left for him in the last episode. Turns out his mother used to play it all the time, but he never learns what it has to do with his mother’s death. Ezra gets some devastating news when the paternity test results come back revealing he isn’t Malcolm’s biological father. Due to Maggies’ deceptions, Ezra has fallen in love with the little boy, and now faces losing him when Maggie’s new job takes them across the country. “The Mirror Has Three Faces” is a good look at what happens when people try to be someone they’re not. Whether it’s to fit in with the “in” crowd, or to hide the manipulative person you are, in the end you true face will be revealed. (More…)


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