Breaking Bad Episode (5×14) Review – “Ozymandias”

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Last week’s episode of Breaking Bad left viewers with a Mexican Stand-off between Hank and Gomez and Neo Nazi killers. The cliffhanger made it clear that people were going to die, but the question of who loomed over the week leading up to episode 5×14, “Ozymandias.” The title refers to the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley about the inevitable decline of empires and is thought to be based on the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses. All season long we’ve watched as Walter’s empire began to crumble around him. Based on the flashforwards we have seen, no empire lasts forever. Not even Heisenberg’s.

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Breaking Bad 5x14 - OzymandiasRemember the Time… We flashback to season 1 when Walter and Jesse first cooked Meth in their RV out in To’hajiilee. Jesse was the green kid who didn’t know a thing about cooking drugs, but as a user had connections in the drug world. Walt was his high school chemistry teacher who knew the science. The good old days before things went bad. We even get a reminder of what the White family was like before Walter turned into Heisenberg. Seeing how things used to be juxtaposed with how things turned out is a reminder at how drugs ruins lives. Too bad Walter didn’t realize this before Gomez and Hank were gunned down and he offered Jack his hard-earned $80 million dollars. As foolish as Walter was for believing he could barter for Hank’s life, it was touching to see him do so. Even more touching was how Hank didn’t blame Walter for his impending death, but pointed out how surprisingly naive Walter still is after everything he’s done. At least Jesse got away… And then Walter saw him hiding underneath his car. At least Jesse will die with the knowledge that Walter watched Jane choke to death and didn’t life a finger to save her. (More…)


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