Breaking Bad Episode (5×15) “Granite State” – MVA Revealed

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Breaking Bad 5x15 Granite State3 Breaking Bad Episode (5×15) “Granite State”  – MVA Revealed

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman Suffers Another Loss in “Granite State”

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman has to be one of the unluckiest characters on television. In episode 515, “Granite State,” Pinkman tried to escape his enslavement as a meth cook for the Aryan Brotherhood, but ended up losing one of the few people left in his life that he cares about. Aaron Paul has given many stellar performances over the years, and as the series winds down to its finale Paul has had much to work with. His heart-wrenching performance in “Granite State” has earned him this week’s Most Valuable Actor Award.

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It Puts the Lotion in the Bucket… In this week’s episode, Jesse found himself locked in an underground cage with nothing but a mat, a blanket, and a bucket to contend with. When Jesse isn’t groveling in his hole, he’s chained to a dog run and forced to help Todd cook meth. To say Jesse’s life is looking pretty bleak is an understatement, and things got even worse for him as the episode went on. Realizing the only thing standing between life and death is Todd, Jesse devised an escape plan, in which he stood on his bucket, climbed out of the cage, and ran away. The plan sounds good in theory, but Jesse didn’t consider the surveillance cameras trained on the grounds outside of his cage. The minute Jesse made it to the top of the fence he was surrounded by armed men. In the past Jesse’s plans haven’t gone well, but it was usually due to him under-thinking them. In this scene, Paul showed how far Jesse has come this season. Throughout the scene we could see a more mature version of Jesse who didn’t enact his plan until he had every detail he could gather based on his surroundings to come up with a viable escape. Yes, it’s true he ended up getting caught because he didn’t spot the cameras, but that can be chalked up to fear. An emotion every one of us has experienced at some time or other. (More…)


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