Breaking Bad Episode (5×15) Review – “Granite State”

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Breaking Bad Prepares Fans to Say Good-Bye with “Granite State”

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AMC’s Breaking Bad winds down to the second to last episode. Hank’s death last week has destroyed the White/Schrader family leaving Marie devastated and Walter in hiding. It was bad enough for their relationships once Hank and Marie learned the truth about Walter, but now that Hank is dead at what appears to be Walt’s hands, Walter has lost the one thing he claims he’s only wanted to protect – his family. Jesse, who had ratted Walter to Hank, is now in the clutches of the Aryan Brotherhood and forced into slavery as a meth cook. “Granite State” transformed Walter White from a criminal hiding in fear into the man on a mission we’ve met in the flashforwards. Gone was the life he once knew, and now Walter has to decide if his life is worth living or if it’s better to fade away. (More…)


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